Are Washable Air Filters Better Than Disposable?

Disposable air filters are more effective at trapping smaller particles, such as pet dander, bacteria, viruses, and smoke, than washable ones. Washable filters are only good at protecting against large particles like dust. They are a greener option than disposable filters, as they require less effort and cost less in the long run. However, both types of filters require regular maintenance.

When it comes to choosing the right filter for your HVAC system, there are many different types of disposable air filters available. Disposable filters need to be changed every 30 to 90 days, while reusable filters require flushing. The type of disposable filter you choose will be an important decision to ensure you have the best filter for your HVAC system. Washables are a popular choice, as they are environmentally friendly and less expensive than long-term disposable air filters, since most of them can last five years or more.

However, while reusable filters are good at protecting your home from large particles, such as dust, they are sometimes not as effective at filtering bacteria, viruses, smoke and pet dander. A washable filter for your heating system does exactly what it's advertised: it filters dust and debris as air flows through the heating and cooling system, and requires only periodic flushing to prevent clogging. A washable oven filter is also known as an electrostatic filter and most of them are made with an aluminum frame that holds static-prone woven electrostatic fibers that attract and trap particles in the air. The real job of air conditioning filters is to protect the life of your HVAC system, not improve air quality.

With electrostatic filters, air passing through the filter passes through several layers of filter media that have an electrostatic charge. The entire purpose of air filters it to trap dust, debris, and contaminants so they don't pollute the air you breathe. While both types of filters can reliably protect your heating or cooling system, disposable filters are often known for their overall superior performance. You won't need to buy washable filters very often, so the long-term cost of washable filters is likely to be equal to or lower than the cost of disposable filters.