Upgrade Your Air Filtration with Purolator 18x24x2 MERV 13 Filters

At Purolator Air Filters, we are committed to providing the highest quality air filtration products and services. Our filters are designed to outperform competitors in terms of initial and average efficiency, as well as filter life. We take pride in meeting strict requirements and verifying our quality controls. Our air cleaner frames are constructed with moisture-resistant beverage board, making them sturdy and easy to install and remove from your HVAC system.

Unlike other oven filters, ours won't be difficult to install or remove if they have absorbed moisture. All components are thermally bonded for high durability and extended reliability, making our Glasfloss Z-Line series the preferred air filters for residential homes and commercial spaces. These MERV 13 air filters also offer an eco-friendly design and excellent particulate filtration that includes many viruses and allergens that can aggravate allergy sufferers. The Glasfloss Z-Line MR-13 18x24x2 MERV 13 oven filters are the ultimate upgrade to standard pleated air filters and excel where similar HVAC filters (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) fall short.