When to Replace Honeywell Filters and How to Use Them Effectively

Honeywell recommends replacing the filter every 6 months or a year, depending on usage. Their Home Series or Ultra Efficient Air Cleaners are 60 times more efficient than a typical 1 in., capturing a higher percentage of particles in the home air, including microscopic particles, while offering one year of service. Honeywell 1 in. filters are an excellent alternative with a wide range of compatibility and a three-month lifespan.

HEPA filters need to be changed every 12 months, while pre-filters should be changed once every 3 months. A general rule of thumb for pleated air filters is to replace them every 90 days. As the filter traps more dirt, dust and allergens from the air, the efficiency of the filter decreases. Breathe fresher, completely cleaner air with a Honeywell air purifier that can capture up to 99.97% of airborne allergens, 0.3 microns or larger, that pass through filters. Honeywell oven filters help eliminate allergens from the air to make breathing a little easier.

Some prefer to replace filters rather than clean them, while others recommend addressing the source of contaminants in the room. Running the boiler longer than usual is another sign that it might be time to replace the HVAC filter. Typical recommendations range from every 30 days for cheaper fiberglass filters (which often don't do a good job of filtering), to 6 months for high-end pleated filters. By releasing a constant stream of visible warm mist (99.5% bacteria free) into the surrounding air, the Honeywell HWM845 filterless hot mist humidifier implements a filterless design that eliminates the cost of purchasing additional filters. Any use will cause a certain amount of dirt to be trapped in the air filter - after all, that's its job. Honeywell air purifiers and air purifiers help reduce germs and allergens floating in the air to help you breathe better.

When you change the air filter, it allows more air to flow through the system with lower energy consumption, resulting in better circulation, cleaner air and a lower electricity bill. AHAM verified and Energy Star certified, Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Eliminator Whole Room Air Purifier meets all the requirements to represent the gold standard in air purification. If you find a lot of dust in the air or settles on furniture after cleaning a room, an expired HVAC filter may be the culprit. Honeywell air coolers excel as an energy-efficient cooling option that is capable of releasing a constant amount of cool air in a variety of configurations. With the mobility of a fan and the strengths of a portable air conditioner, Honeywell air coolers represent the perfect cooling hybrid.